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Cars For Kids

Cars For Kids

Cars For Kids helps provide meaningful happy childhoods to children who come from a less privileged backgrounds. Do you have an old car that you would like to get rid of? Maybe you haven’t had the time to deal with trying to fix it, sell it or maybe you’ve even considered donating it but thought the process was extravagant so you continued to put it off. Whatever the situation may be, take action now and help a child in need.

Cars to help kids will gladly save you all the trouble and resources you’ll need when it comes to trying to repair and sell your old car, but most importantly you will be helping a child live a better life. Cars for kids puts donation proceeds towards education curriculums and various outreach programs for kids in the community.

The donation process is so quick and so simple. Just call us at 1-888-990-4KID(452) or fill this form out. It shouldn’t take any longer than ten minutes of your time. Please give us a call if you want more information or if you have any questions regarding the donation process.

Complimentary towing is provided on a date and time that’s fitting for your schedule. If twenty four hour service is needed we can arrange for that as well. When the car is picked up we will need to collect the title and keys, so simple, that’s it. Bonus! Did you even know that your car is tax deductible? Cars for kids will mail you a tax deductible form that you can use on your taxes which will save you money, who wouldn’t want a good old tax break?

So now the question we have for you is, what’s stopping you from donating your unwanted vehicle, saving you time trying to sell it, saving you money on repairs, getting you a tax deduction, and most importantly helping a child who is not able to help themselves. Let’s change a child’s life and lead them to a brighter future, donate to cars for kids today. We cannot express our gratitude for your donation. Thank you for helping us help the children of our community.